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Huber, Kerstin; Bannert, Maria 
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Zeitschriftenartikel / Journal Article 
Investigating learning processes through analysis of navigation behavior using log files 
Journal of Computing in Higher Education 
learning processes ; navigation behavior ; log files ; computer-based learning environments ; process mining 
The empirical study investigates what log files and process mining can contribute to promoting successful learning. We want to show how monitoring and evaluation of learning processes can be implemented in the educational life by analyzing log files and navigation behavior. Thus, we questioned to what extent log file analyses and process mining can predict learning outcomes. This work aims to provide support for learners and instructors regarding efficient learning with computer-based learning environments (CBLEs). We evaluated log file and questionnaire data from students (N = 58) who used a CBLE for two weeks. Results show a significant learning increase after studying with the CBLE with a very high effect size (p < .001, g = 1.71). A cluster analysis revealed two groups with significantly different learning outcomes accompanied by different navigation patterns. The time spent on learning-relevant pages and the interactivity with a CBLE are meaningful indicators for Recall and Transfer performance. Our results show that navigation behaviors indicate both beneficial and detrimental learning processes. Moreover, we could demonstrate that navigation behaviors impact the learning outcome. We present an easyto-use approach for learners as well as instructors to promote successful learning by tracking the duration spent in a CBLE and the interactivity. 
1042-1726, 1867-1233 
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CC BY 4.0