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Welcome to AtheneForschung


AtheneForschung is an information portal of the UniBw M, documenting the current publication and research activity of its members.

Here you will find:

the university bibliography

dissertations and other theses

information on third party funded projects

open access publications

research data

information on cooperations (research profiles)

videos for the UniBw M website

Furthermore, you can create and administrate image and video collections with AtheneForschung.


If you want to enter data sets (pertaining to publications, dissertations, cooperations and videos), please use the following forms:

► record a publication (click here how to)

► record a dissertation or other thesis

► record a patent

► record a cooperation offer (research profile)

► record a video for the UniBw M website (click here how to)


Individual authors or chairs can also use AtheneForschung to create up-to-date publication directories for themselves and then export them, e.g. onto their website (click here how to).


If you want to enter publication data, please note the following possibilities:

► using the link above: no login needed

► import of your BibTeX-file by the team of AtheneForschung

If you have a correction request, please send an e-mail to the team of AtheneForschung explaining what you would like to change and including a clear reference to the data set that needs changing (ideally a permanent link to the object displayed or the node ID, e.g. "[...]?show_id=121369[…]", extracted from the URL of the full display).

For further information please do not hesitate to contact the administrator Thomas Pieruschka